Losing My Pen and Other Strange Stories

Fiji 2012 288
Fiji 2012


I am losing things. For the first time in my life I am losing things. A few weeks ago I lost a texta I used at work. It almost certainly fell out of my pocket while I was leaning over and I didn’t notice but it perturbed me nonetheless. I never lose things. And, I had to steal another one off a machine we work on. Can’t do without my texta. But I never lose things.

Yesterday I lost my pen. It was in my shirt pocket and disappeared as assuredly as it would if it was sailing through the Bermuda Triangle. (Not that pens can actually sail through or disappear in the Bermuda Triangle, but you get my drift I’m sure.) I have no idea where it went or how. I thought I may have actually forgotten to take it to work but it wasn’t here when I got home and I haven’t been able to find it today. I never lose things.

Then there was my box of cotton buds. In the bottom right hand draw of the bathroom vanity. It’s gone. It’s been there for months (actually years!) and suddenly it’s gone. How will I get my ears clean now? (Yes, I know you shouldn’t stick things in your ears but I am very gentle I assure you. My hearing is still okay, I think.) It’s very disconcerting. I never lose things.

Of course the fact that there are other people living in the house may have contributed to the sudden absence of my box of cotton buds but Linda assures me she hasn’t seen it, touched it or otherwise been in contact with it. Hmmm. It may be that all of her stuff which is packed tightly into the vanity draws is obscuring my view of it but I don’t think so. I never lose things.

Walking to my car last night after knocking off work I found myself wandering around the car park in circles. For a brief moment I thought I had lost my car. I never lose things! Of course I hadn’t lost my car. I had just parked in a different place than usual and eventually I found it. I never lose things but see how paranoid I am becoming?!

A few years back I went through a period of leaving things in cafes. I would be out shopping, stop off for a coffee with my newly bought wares, then leave them behind. It’s lucky that on each occasion the items were recovered because I never lose things.

I was driving to Wagga Wagga one day a few years back and stopping in Gundagai for refreshment I took my sunglasses off and lay them on the cafe table. They were expensive. My mother had bought them for me. I was halfway to Wagga Wagga from Gundagai before I realised the reason the glare off the sunbaked farmland was killing my eyes. I had left my sunglasses behind. I didn’t go back for them. I never lose things.

I trained myself out of that habit. The habit of leaving things behind. But losing things is another matter altogether. It just doesn’t happen to me and it’s a worry. I never lose things.

There is no history of dementia in our family but I have wondered if I will be the first to start a trend.  But then a friend once told me losing your car in the car park is not a sign of Alzheimer’s Disease. Forgetting you have a car is! Perhaps I am just going through a bad patch where I don’t seem to be able to hang onto my property?

I can only hope this trend will soon dissipate and I will return to normal…safe, reliable… my property always intact and where it should be because…I never lose things!

Have a nice day.


Strange Notations and Ruminations


Milford Track, 2009. Looking out from under a long felled tree trunk I look as though I am wondering where to go or what to do next. Of course it is very much a posed photo and I knew exactly where I was, or, I hoped the guides from Ultimate Hikes Adventures  knew where we were! I found this photo today on Facebook, in the “On This Day” section that has suddenly popped up on my Timeline. It’s a metaphor for my life today as I look out from the safety of my cozy world towards the future and wonder what it will bring.

If you read my last post you may recall me mentioning I had applied for another job. Unfortunately I didn’t get it; not that I was judged on lack of perceived qualification or ability. I didn’t fill out the application form properly!! Doh! Rookie error! I was momentarily crushed and all the hope I had of swanning into the Production Manager’s office at work, swagger in my step, hoping to gaily and disingenuously  sing my regrets at having to leave the employ of his fine company, putrefied into the sprawling morass of unfulfilled promise which I seem to have been flailing in for much of my life.

No matter. The other mob didn’t deserve me! The thought of another twenty of so years in my current job did momentarily fill me with dread and a sense of foreboding. I felt suffocated and trapped, like a flailing man being dragged out to sea by a rip in the ocean, all hope abandoned, a life of tedium and the company of knaves all I could look forward to at work. However, I am nothing if not resilient nowadays and I have bounced back, ready to face the world once more on this dank and dark Monday.

I should have started perusing the job adds for something else I could do but given the disappointment of my previous failed attempt to find different work I felt something more creative to be appropriate. So I did an Australian Writers Centre course on “How to Get More Blog Readers”! It was a two hour online course with plenty of info, some of which I probably needed a teacher to explain properly but here I am today, reinvigorated, trying to get my Blog out there and recognised.

I will look at the employment pages again soon. There will be something of note to come up which will tickle my fancy I’m sure. I can at least relax now on my impending holidays without worrying about whether I would be required for a job interview or even if I was expected to start work elsewhere. Perhaps it’s time to write a book, a memoir of sorts. “The Secret Lives of Postal Workers” is what it would be called. Boy, do I have some fodder for that tome! Something to think about.

So, life goes on in with the same gentle cadence as always for me. Slow and steady, laborious yet sometimes fruitful. I hope you enjoyed this strange little notation.

Until next time, keep on smiling.



The Thursday Curse

Melbourne City from Treasury Gardens

Monday, Monday! They sing songs about it but for mine Thursday is the day for a mournful tune. Yes, Thursday! Thursdays really get to me. We are so close to the weekend that we can almost touch it, but……we still have to do it all over again tomorrow! What a tease Thursday is.

The one positive thing about Thursday for me is that things start to run down a little at work. Everyone seems to have gotten their important mail off on Monday or Tuesday hoping to get their article to it’s recipient by the end of the week. By Thursday it seems that mailing is an afterthought. “Ah…I’ll pop it in the post. It will get there by sometime next week” most will be thinking by today. Conversely, if you are waiting for a letter today you can only hope it was posted on Monday.  Ah Thursday. What a day.

I’m actually counting down the days. I have next week and the week after to endure before I am off on five weeks of leave. If you hear a roar rumbling over Canberra at about 9.46pm on April 21 don’t be fearful-it’s not the sound of rolling thunder or the end of the world coming upon us, only me exiting the sliding doors at work with a shout as I hop, skip and jump my way  into the sweet lazy days of my holidays. Best thing is that I also have Easter between then and now. Ten working days to go. Can’t wait to cross another number off my calendar when I get home tonight.

My leave will be a little different this year. I will be a little anxious. I have applied for another job and won’t know if I am being considered for it until after April 25. Nerve wracking. Well, not really nerve wracking but the situation is making me a little uneasy. It’s a bold new world for me should I get the job. A friend of mine nailed it on the head when she said applying for another job is at least a start, a proactive step towards improving my lot and I think she is right. I may not get the job, I may not even be short-listed but by doing up a resume and writing an application I feel I have crashed through a barrier. Working so long in the same position can make you feel institutionalised and sap your confidence. I feel it’s time to move on and broaden my horizons and work with amazing people. We should all strive to improve ourselves. Wish me luck.

Anyway, it’s a golden autumn day here in Canberra. Other parts of the country are suffering due to natural events but, apart from having to work, I can’t find a fault in this warm and lovely city today. Hope you all have a great day and don’t let the Thursday curse wear you down. The weekend is almost here. We just have to do it all again tomorrow!

Life as I Know It: The Adventure Continues!

Apollo Bay, October 2016

It’s been a while (again!) and I can make no excuses for the lack of productivity on my blog. Yes, I’ve been busy but the words, thoughts and feelings just haven’t been coming. It’s seems to be an accumulating situation which has been manifesting itself for a couple of years now. The degrading of my imaginative output is reaching crisis point. Is it possible I am past my best before I even got there?!!

As I said, I’ve been busy. Work (as usual!) has been hard and taking it out of me. The bathroom at our investment property is in dire need of repair and we have been scraping together our finances to ensure it’s done. My computer blew up, our phone line gave out and our wi-fi has been choppy. All in all more of a frustrating time than anything causing us great hardship. Most of these things have been restored although a few minor adjustments still need to be made to ensure my life maintains it’s usual comfortable status.

My cycling has suffered. Just a couple of rides over the last few weeks and I really need to make the effort to get out even if it is just every second day.

The perfect job came up for me at the Australian War Memorial which I intended to apply for. Just a gallery assistant, no great shakes and something I may even have been considered for. But of course the more I thought about it the more I second guessed myself for a variety of reasons. I looked at my resume and couldn’t get it up to scratch and eventually time passed and so did the deadline for applications. Sigh!! I really need help with this part of my life. I’m not sure if it’s laziness, timidity or the institutionalization of my life due to working the same job for thirty years or a combination of all three but I dillied and dallied and made excuses for myself as to why I wouldn’t be cut out for the position until it was too late. And breathed a sigh of relief when time ran out. Pathetic.

Anyway, there is still plenty to look forward to in life. I have holidays coming up in two months and I am deep in thought as to where I might go. Originally Linda and I planned to go to New Zealand for a couple of weeks. We have been there on a number of occasions, Linda having connections there and thought we may go again. You can never get tired of New Zealand. Plenty to see and do and in many ways it is a softer version of Australia (and for any Kiwis reading I mean that as a compliment!). More progressive than us on some issues and possibly better governed at this point in history. Perhaps being a much smaller nation they have to make do with less and have to be smarter and think outside the box in order to progress and prosper? I’m sure there would be many in the Land of the Long White Cloud who think they can do better but it seems to me they are travelling okay.

Anyway, our looming outlay of cash for the bathroom at our investment property has put the kybosh on that so I am thinking in miniature now. A drive out to the Grampians in central Victoria may be on the cards. A bit of dribble through the countryside stopping where we like terminating our western advance at Halls Gap in the heart of the Range. That’s what I’m thinking but will keep you posted. No doubt if I go I will fill these pages with pictures and stories from the trip.

Until then there is some life to live and I’m hoping some fun to be had. A trip to Melbourne in a month with our best friends to see the British singing star Adele in concert should break up the monotony brought on by work and life in general. I’m looking forward to it. Who couldn’t or wouldn’t look forward to spending time in the great southern capital?

So that’s it for now. My life as it continues. It’s a bit of parry and thrust as I’m sure it is for most but we keep plugging along. I hope all is going well for you wherever you are. Take care.

Live Life and Love It


Got up this morning feeling a little battered and bruised after a hard night at work. Flicked the computer on to catch up with the world and immediately read two stories about fellows who had succumbed to heart attacks aged 45 and 47! Gawd. Good morning Starshine. The earth says hello!

I manage to thread the needle between these two men being 46 years old so it was a bit of a sobering way to shake myself awake for the day. The funny thing is, and I’m sure anyone who is around the same age will agree, you find yourself in middle age before you know it, not really being sure how you got here. One day you are young and carefree, fit and able, next you are dodging heart attacks and bowel problems! Hhmm. Time sure does fly.

The jist is that I don’t feel any different to how I did twenty years ago. I do feel I’m more mature. I occasionally say and do stupid things nowadays but it’s but a sliver of the time when compared to my loose mouth of decades ago. Physically, there are a few more aches and pains and perhaps I am just starting to feel the wear and tear on my body a little-I’m certainly not as lithe and agile as days gone by but I ain’t a cripple yet!

Illness and incapacity can strike at any time without warning I know and my doctor, the last time I dared to go, marveled at the fact that I don’t attend the practice very often. That must be a good thing though, right?

A few years back I took a trip to Europe with Linda. I’m a mild history buff and although I had been to Britain and Turkey before I had never been to western Europe. I was getting older of course and the thought had occurred to me that I didn’t want to die without having seen the fields of France and Germany. You never know what the future holds. So, we went in the spring of 2013 and had a great 6 week trip. Of course, two years later Linda is seriously ill with cancer and life was put on hold for a year and for some time in 2015 we were gripped with some uncertainty as to where the road in front of us would lead.Linda is now well thankfully but since then several extended family members have passed away due to cancer and my little world is getting shaken up just a little.

I’ll be 47 in three months. Well on the road to a half century. I can’t believe I’m here. Life is good and I have been very lucky in so many ways and pray it holds for a good 40 or so years yet.

In October 2013 I stood in a military cemetery in a farmer’s field in northern France and gazed upon the headstone belonging to a great uncle I never met. He was 20 years old and died of wounds at a place no-one outside a certain radius has ever heard of. Grevillers, France. I guess there is some nobility in dying for your country but that sort of thing is roundly mocked now particularly by those who lean to the left and lying in a lonely grave in France so young is certainly a waste of what would probably have been a good and fruitful life. But I think I owe it to him and the rest of my family and Linda to live strong and long and we owe it to ourselves to enjoy life to it’s fullest.

I have to go to work today and put in eight long, boring hours but it’s only a means to an end in order to keep living and enjoying my comfortable existence. Don’t take work so seriously. Do what you have to do and embrace the other sixteen hours of the day when you can do something worthwhile.

Embrace life and those you love. Life as you know it could be over in the blink of an eye.

Have fun and take care.

Grave of L/Cpl JF Robinson. DOW 23 April 1917. Grevillers France

A Strange Notation on a Hot Summer Day

Bay of Martyrs, Victoria, Australia

Boy it’s hot! I love a stretch of good weather as much as the next man but endless days of being lathered in perspiration and sleepless nights takes it’s toll on those with the most formidable constitutions. I can’t remember a spell of hot weather in Canberra where it has been over 30 degrees celsius for weeks on end in my lifetime. Yes, it can get hot here but our summer heatwaves generally only continue for a couple of days before the weather retreats and gives us a spell in the far more comfortable mid-20 degree range. Global warming? Makes you think.

It doesn’t look like ending soon. The rest of the week will be mired in temperatures from 31 degrees to 39. Lovely. Oh, for a couple of days of soaking rain!

I should be out on my bike yet once again the bane of work has degraded my body and it in turn has betrayed me.  I’ve had an elbow problem for some time and my heavy workload last night seems to have aggravated it. I think I need to try the old Rocky Balboa tactic of fighting southpaw for a while to give my poorly arm a rest. I’m almost 47 and I’m wondering if I can hack the pace of this job for another 20 years.

So, for today I’m leaving regular exercise behind and using the morning for rest and recovery-and blogging! It’s much preferable to be on the internet plugging away than watching the news or reading the papers and observing the divided and angry world we live in. From President Trump’s shenanigans in the United States to protests about the inclusivity of Australia Day here at home it seems that no-one can agree on anything and respect for another opinion differing from or own is a theory discarded when Noah was a boy! Unity? There is no such thing in today’s world.

So, perhaps I am better off retiring to my couch and curling up into a ball to watch television rather than ponder the great issues of our time on my blog. Fan on full blast of course!

I will decorate my blog post today with a picture I took on the Great Ocean Road last October. It is of the Bay of Martyrs near Port Campbell, right down on the rugged southern coast of Australia. The great thing about this part of the coast is that not many people visiting the Twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge bother to venture any further down the road and consequently miss such magnificent scenery as this even though it is but a few kilometres further on. We had it all to ourselves courtesy of the Port Campbell Tourist Office volunteer who offered his shrewd advice as to where to go and what to see. Thank you sir!

Take care all and stay cool.


2017-Here We Are-Here We Go!

Photo at the Wheel of Brisbane

Greetings and salutations! 2017 is here in all it’s glory and we all should have shouldered slowly but surely into the year by now. Unfortunately and depressingly some things never change.

I’m back at work and although my mood has improved since that very first day  whence I had to return I’ve found it’s very much the same old thing, it’s just a different calendar on the wall. But, I am not going to spend 2017 whinging and whining about work. There is too much to look forward to and I have always concluded that the eight hours of monotony  we suffer every day is only a requirement for us which enables a better life to be had when we are not engaged in employment.

Some may have noticed too that my Blog has a new look. I figured it was due for a change and as  my posts have been infrequent lately I needed some inspiration and a fresh start. I was also thinking of changing the name of my Blog. “Strange Notations from a Laborious Life” has always seemed a bit silly and jarring and I am open to any reasonable suggestion for a new title. Put your thinking caps on!

I’ve also been drawing a blank when it comes to actually writing a post. This has been happening for a while but all creativity has dried up and I am hoping to get into some useful work this year, write a few short stories and perhaps get a freelance article or two published. I need to read more, be socially active, get those creative juices flowing! Again, I’m open to suggestions for topics for the Blog.

I spent Christmas/New Year in Queensland, the first time I have been in the land of the Banana-Bender for over twenty years. It was a pleasant time staying with Linda’s daughter and her fiance although it was hot! Everyone loves their air conditioning unit in Queensland and the humidity is such that you seem to be in a constant lather of sweat the whole time. My photo of the day was taken at the Wheel of Brisbane and although it is actually a green screen behind us with a view of the Brisbane River creatively inserted into shot, the wheel is on the river near the area they call Southbank  I hope Megan and Tristan don’t mind appearing in this post.

The Brisbane River from the Wheel of Brisbane.

I also spent a couple of days in Wangaratta, the town of my birth, attending a family reunion. My mother, her two sisters and two brothers are getting on in years so they try to get together in early January every year. It is only the third time this has happened but it has quickly become a tradition. I had missed the first two reunions so I wanted to make every effort to get there this time and it was a pleasant experience. Leaving Wangaratta at two years of age I never got to spend much time with maternal cousins so I don’t know them all that well. I guess now is as good a time as any to strengthen family ties.

So-what lies ahead in 2017? For me it’s more travel. Linda and I are going to Melbourne in March to see a concert then we are hoping to get to New Zealand in May. Not the greatest time of year to be heading to the Land of the Long White Cloud but a bit of cool weather never phased me. I haven’t made much of it yet, just a thought or two coalescing in my mind but I hope to get over to Western Australia later in the year as I have never been there. That, and improving my employment status and writing more are my goals for the year. How about you? Drop me a line in comments and let me know what you would like to achieve in 2017.

It promises to be quite a year. A new President of the United States, Britain trying to extricate itself against it’s better judgement from the European Union and the continuing threat of Terrorism  will all play a major role and be the dominant features of the year no doubt. There is plenty to write about. Plenty of fun to be had. I’m up for it. You should be too.

Have a great day.

Walking, Cycling and Pondering Life

fieldofwildflowers Time passes quickly, like a sudden flash in the mind’s eye or so it sometimes seems. Christmas is approaching at speed once more and another year has slipped away, retreating on the ebbing tide leaving only a few faint marks on the beach of life to prove it was ever here.

My cycling training is going okay. I haven’t stretched myself at all but have been having some trouble with my breathing which seems to be the centre of all resistance as far as performance goes. Legs are coming along, not nearly so sore but heavy loads at work and standing up all day really does kill enthusiasm for anything but relaxation and staying in bed. I am going to Brisbane for a little over a week for the Christmas break and did have inflated ideas of hiring a bike and continuing my progression while on holidays but the cost of getting hold of an appropriate racing bike is almost prohibitive. I looked at a couple of places for bike hire and the first place place offered obscene prices for daily rent. I would have been better off hiring a car for the prices they charge. The second was a little better but still not cheap and I have all but canned the idea to be honest. Hiring a bike for $400 dollars is a bit silly when we will be out for a lot of the time and I may not even get on it, let alone have the wherewithal to take my own shoes and pedals and swap them over onto my temporary ride. My fitness will suffer to be sure but at the end of the day it’s not worth the hassle and I can’t be bothered going through the rigmarole of taking my own bike on a plane flight-let alone find a place to do some decent riding.

So, I am fairly sure I will blow off the Cadel Evans’ People’s Ride ride I had planned to start in at the end of January as I simply won’t be fit enough. Some close to me are still being encouraging but cycling isn’t a game, it’s a sport. I don’t do it for fun. I never intend to race again but it’s a means to an end to get fit and lose a little weight. Attempting something that you are not fit enough to do is simply stupid-and I have done plenty of those sorts of things on a bike in years past and won’t be doing it again!

Having an aim, even if ultimately I don’t reach that target, has at least got me out riding again and I will try to keep going from here. In a perfect world three to four rides a week of  30 to 40km or so would suit me down to the ground. That’s if I can avoid aggressive pedestrians on the bike path!! I’ll keep plugging along.

I took the picture at the top of the page last Friday as I approached the top of Mount Mugga Mugga here in the ACT. I think it’s a metaphor for life in some ways. Passing through a beautiful field of wildflowers, following a track which you are not entirely sure is going the way you want it to go-just like life!

Of course there is a bit of a story as to why I found myself on Mount Mugga Mugga around midday last Friday and many who have heard the tale think I am quite mad but I can assure all of you I am fine.

I was actually walking to work. Linda’s car was written off due to hail damage last week and she had taken mine and as a result of a misunderstanding I didn’t have a car to drive to work where I was due to start at 2.00pm. It was really no problem as there were people I could call to give me a lift but the crazy thought of taking shanks pony crossed my mind and I thought “why the hell not?!!” I looked on Google maps and the shortest route was 15 kilometres, really not that much to someone who is reasonably active so I loaded up my gear and was soon plodding up into the Wanniassa Hills and finding my way through Isaac Pines and onto Mount Mugga Mugga which, for the benefit of Canberrans, is the hill over which runs Hindmarsh Drive, one of the busiest roads in the ACT. You can see the top of the mountain poking out from the trees and the road is only 200 metres or so to the left. One of the great things about Canberra is that you can go for a walk in the middle of Australia’s capital city and find yourself alone in quiet bushland with lovely views without having to venture too far at all.

I made it to work in plenty of time to shower and change. I was slightly footsore but nothing too bad and I actually felt better as the day went on, proof of the power of exercise over mind and body perhaps?

So, I will sign off for the moment and I will hopefully get back on soon enough to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy new Year. Until then take care and be safe. Christmas is notorious for accidents so be careful! Have fun. Goodbye.


Work, Road Trips and Cycling



It’s been a while between drinks but life has been busy with work and leisure and the notion of writing down some “strange notations” really hasn’t gripped me as much as I hoped it would.

I remembered the other day a quote I once read about blogging which stated most blogs end up dying and realised mine was probably on the verge of doing so. It didn’t suddenly make me want to charge out and start writing things down but the urge has taken me today so here I am-nothing profound or thought provoking-merely a check in with a hope that something more interesting will be coming down the pipeline soon in “Strange Notations from a Laborious Life”!

So-what have I been doing? The usual-working although I was lucky enough to have a few days away down on the Great Ocean Road in October which was enjoyable. Not a place I have been to before but I am certainly glad I went. The Twelve Apostles is of course the drawcard of the Shipwreck Coast but I found Loch Ard Gorge and the story behind it to be much more profound and the Bay of Martyrs and Bay of Boats to be just as spectacular as the The Twelve Apostles and possibly more so.

London Bridge was also a very interesting place and all of these remarkable formations are within a very short drive of one another with the attractive hamlet of Port Campbell a nice stopping point for accommodation.

Linda at London Bridge (In my jacket!!)

From Port Campbell we meandered home through Colac and some of the greenest farmland I have ever seen in Australia. It’s a different country when it rains. I hadn’t been to Colac since I was boy and my father and I followed the Melbourne to Warrnambool bike race and as we turned on to the main highway just out of town heading east I remarked to Linda that Mockridge and Taylor, two legends of Australian cycling had swapped turns along this road during their famous pursuit of the leaders in the 1957 edition of the classic handicap race as it was formatted then. She sort of sighed and gave me her “that’s nice dear” look and we were soon in Colac eating Red Rooster chicken burgers for lunch.

Home through Bendigo and Albury with a stop in Cobram where my grandparent’s old house is derelict and falling down-a sad testament to the irresistible passing of time and our inability to stop it or at least hold it back.

Home again to work and to the election of a new President of the United States (!!!!) and back to the grindstone at work and we find ourselves less than a month out from Christmas.

I have been doing some riding on my bike as the picture at the top of the page shows. I made a vow several years ago that I would never again wear tight fitting lycra shirts as the idea of fat middle aged men  riding around in them is never appealing but on the day in question it was freezing so I dug out from the depths of the cupboard a long sleeve jersey and broke my vow. It hasn’t been worn since though!

I have entered the Cadel Evans’ People’s Ride which coincides with the Road Race he lends his name to at the end of January-thus my return to cycling and the quest to be fit enough to ride 111km at a reasonable clip. I have been riding for two weeks and have begun to wonder what possessed me to enter as I am so far out of shape it’s not funny. I have improved over the last couple of days from “Grovelling” to “Really Struggling” but it’s a slow process. With Christmas interfering I am doubting my ability to be fit enough to ride such a distance at the end of January but I guess I can always pull the pin. Time will tell.

So, that’s it for the moment-just a small snapshot into what I have been doing for the last couple of months. I hope to back online with something more entertaining to tell you before Christmas. Until then, take care.



Ambition versus Ability

It’s been a while-19 days in fact so WordPress tells me- since my last post. My Blog certainly isn’t being treated with the love today with which I used to give it. And I don’t know why.

My head is always full of things to write about but just lately I haven’t been able to shape it into any sort of coherent form and put it down on the screen. I need to find my Blogging mojo again!

Time is a factor of course. I don’t have that many commitments, or so it seems but sand always slips quickly through the hour glass and  the least important thing in my life is writing and I feel indulgent when I do it, thus, it is the first thing to get chopped when more pressing concerns arise.

Work has been heavy too. I’m sitting here with sore elbows and an aching shoulder from the load I have carried over the last couple of weeks. I seem to be working harder than I ever have before-or maybe I’m just getting older and can’t take it like I use to?

I’m not happy with my WordPress platform either. I think for an amateur Blogger such as myself it is a little too pretentious and I wonder if I should transfer my content back to my old Blogger site which is still up? Decisions, decisions.  I had grand visions of being a renowned commentator with followers of my Blog hanging on my every word but I have decided writing is just a selfish pastime for me, an indulgence wrapped up in a little bit of vanity which gets in the way of more pressing issues and should really only be a hobby. Indecisiveness grips me yet again.

I have been living quite the sedentary life lately, work aside which has been very physical but I always like to have a goal to work to in regards to my health and fitness; a hiking trip for example and with this in mind I signed up for the Cadel Evans People’s Ride which is scheduled for the last weekend in January next year in Geelong. I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time I did this as the ride is broken up into a 60km event and a 111km event and you must pick a group with which you ride. The groups are split up in accordance with the average speed you think you will

My bike-under a tarp-looking for some love.

ride at and, forgetting that I haven’t ridden for 18 months, I signed up for the 25km/h to 35km/h group. I also chose the 111km ride(!).

It only dawned on me the other day that 111km is quite significant for a fellow who hasn’t ridden that far in over 10 years. I think I forgot I am 46 years old now not 26 and some training and commitment will be required. I wonder if I can get my money back?

Complicating matters is the fact I will have to book accommodation in Geelong too which may not be easy considering the Great Ocean Road Race of which the People’s ride is a component is on as well. I just can’t decide on the Friday that I am not fit enough and give it the flick. It’s a commitment.

Hhmm. Four months to get fit. Magpies to dodge during the spring and a busy life to manage as well. Other people seem to be able to do it, why not me? At the very least it may give me some grist for the mill for this Blog and you can laugh at me or cry with me as I struggle to avoid making a fool myself next January. I will keep you updated.

Have a nice day.